Humans and technology

Computer technology is becoming more and more advanced. This is fine because then I never will be out work. But remember...

It is the humans that controls the technology, and not the technology that controls the humans
But sometimes it makes me wonder. We own a refrigerator. If were are to relax and eat our breakfast, we will move food in and out of this technological miracle. If we are to quick with opening the fridge door because it just recently has been opened, then the fridge will protest and make the opening difficult. Last time the handle and opening-mechanism was destroyed, because I opened the fridge too quickly. So we had to do an expensive repair of the fridge. "You must be careful with the fridge, to avoid breaking it again", my partner stated. "You must not pull it too hard, and wait for a while since last time it was opened. Be gentle and careful when opening it. And note the fridge is not exactly tidy. If it is to much mess and old food inside it, the fridge will revenge us by letting the opening of the door be even harder and slower"

The issue is related with the cooling capacity of the fridge and the number of kilos to be cooled inside it. I know that. If too much warm food and air are inserted, it will take a while before it will be easy to open the fridge again. But I refuse to be bullied by a refrigerator. I am in control, and I will open and close the fridge door at any time as it pleases me. My fridge in the apartment in Oslo is even worse. You have to pull real hard if you have forgotten to take something in or out or the fridge and the time limit of two minutes has not exceeded. And it is not certain that you will be able to open the fridge door immediately at all. The result is that food that should have been stored in a cool place, resides on the kitchen table because I do not bother to wait.

I think with disgust what will happen when we have self-running cars. We will end up in a quite different place than intended. It is an illusion to believe that all the sensors the cars are dependent on will be functioning all the time. In our house we have various quite new thermostats. These quite often stops working, and have to be reset every time after a power outage. If the sensors is like that in those cars, we will soon be moving towards the catastrophe and total chaos on the highway.