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The idea behind SigmondsMart is to create a marked place for ideas, discussions and open source software. The intent is certainly more ambitious that the contents published here at any time. I have also installed web demo software on this site that can be run by anyone and that periodically is developed and improved.

Demo software written by Hans Reier Sigmond.
  • Java EE 8 / JSF (Java Server Faces) 2.2 / Spring 4.2 / Hibernate / css / Javascript.
  • I have started to use Primefaces, e.g. for main menu.
  • JSF is recommended if you want web app to run on everything (tablet, mobile or PC).
  • JSF does not require that much Javascript based knowlegde, but to know CSS is required.
  • JSF uses XHTML where the HTML/Javascript on the client is generated and transferred from the server.
  • All products, payment and shipping in etorg demo app are virtual.
  • Nothing is stored in the MySQL database, unless you define yourself as a user.
  • The security solution is temporarily simple, so do not reuse passwords from elsewhere.
  • Contact the author by email if interested:
  • SigmondsMart uses a virtualLinux server by Oxxus and Tomcat 8.
  • I am web master.
  • The software is configurable with Java/Spring (annotation based) configuration.
  • The configuration can be extended to run on various platforms.
  • E.g. runnable on IBM Bluemix cloud / IBM WebSphere Liberty / Db2 platform.
Comment to technology trends within web application development:
Currently many web applications are developed using Javascript based client frameworks like Angular JS (Rest included). This method is getting more popular and is closer to basic HTML/HTTP. Javascript based frameworks allows more specialized adaption to specific devices like mobiles. I have plans of including these more modern technologies in this website, but not done yet. Something that is certain is that the development of technologies continues.. We are not guaranteed that e.g. Angular JS is hot 5 years from now?

If you can read this in English, then your browser settings is not set to be Norwegian (or set incorrectly). Nettstedet er språkuavhengig / The web site is language independent. Språk angis av standard oppsett i web browser / Language is set by your default web browser settings. Språket kan endres av språkmenyen nederst på siden / The language can be changed by the language menu at the bottom of the page. I do not like bad automatic Google language translations like 'the fast window walked on reason outside the limped bank'. Web browser language settings that works for this web site:
- en: Engelsk / English, standard / default
- no: Norsk / Norwegian, dersom funnet / if found

Professionally I am a software developer with a lot of experience from object oriented development in several languages. I have been programming a lot in Java/web/web services, and a lot of C/C++ stuff earlier. I have also developed using Delphi/RAD. I have made Windows desktop GUI in Delphi, but also interfaces towards email (IMAP,SMTP), Outlook/Exchange (Mapi) and Web Services. If I compare Delphi to Java, I think that developing in Delphi is somewhat quicker than Java, but remark that it was web applications that I developed in Java. The portability of Java based applications is anyhow hard to beat. Note that Delphi XE5 FireMonkey can produce native binary code to Windows, IOS and Android (not done that). Open source software have in my opinion many advantages but also disadvantages. I have also practiced TDD (Test Driven Development), which is heavily supported in Java, and I have worked with test automation (Junit, Mockito, Fitnesse for integration test,..). My specialty is product development. With that I mean development where the long term aspects of reuse and maintainability are important. This applies to all phases in the development process from analysis and design to programming and testing.

I live in Moelv, Hedmark, Norway with with female partner and two cats. When I am not looking at the TV or computer screen I do outdoors activities like orienteering and cross country skiing. I can if required do other things like painting and carpentry but with some risk of spilling paint and getting myself hurt. I am OK at assembling IKEA furniture though. I have also opinions regarding political issues and society, but since these does not fit with political party programs and I am not willing to compromise I am no politician.